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Bugs: Football Prediction


Football Prediction


Football predictions​ are predictions about the results of a sporting event in which a bet can be placed. 

Generally in the forecasts you will see the bet that is proposed (winner of the match, less than 2.5 goals, victory with handicap, etc.), the odds that the bet had at the time the prognosticator proposed it in the specific house in which he thought was a good idea to make the bet and the stake that represents the amount that would be bet on the base of 10. 

Note that when the tipster speaks of a stake 10, it does not mean that he would bet all his money, but that would make his maximum bet. In the balance of your betting house you can have € 200 and decide that your maximum bet is € 5, in which case a stake 10 would mean € 5 and a stake 2 would mean € 1. The amount of your maximum stake is something you must decide, taking into account that in sports forecasts and bets you can have bad spells. So do not take our proportions as a reference.




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