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Program Description
Areas of study: metabolic regulation, signal transduction, membranes, nucleic acid-protein structure interactions and function, replication, repair, recombination, transcription, translation enzyme kinetics
Peter Burgers
Areas of study: protein and nucleic acid kinetics and thermodynamics, single-molecule enzymology, nanoscience, biomolecular folding, macromolecular structure determination, ion channels and lipid membranes, computational biophysics
Daved Fremont
Areas of study: systems biology, genomics, sequence analysis, regulatory networks, synthetic biology, metagenomics, metabolomics, proteomics, single cell dynamics, high-throughput technology development, applied math and mathematical models of biological processes, computational biology, comparative genomics, personalized medicine, next generation sequencing and its applications, bioinformatics
Gautam Dantas & Ting Wang
Areas of study: development, stem cell biology, regenerative biology, cell biology, genetics, cell signaling, the biology of Cancer, epigenetics, circadian rhythms, systems biology
Jim Skeath & Kerry Kornfeld
Areas of study: theoretical, experimental population genetics; population, community ecology; phylogenetics, systematics, plant, animal evolution; primate evolution
David Queller
Areas of study: human genetics, statistical genetics, gene mapping, genetics, Mendelian disease, complex disease, Mammalian genetics, systems biology, functional genomics
Patrick Jay & John Rice
Areas of study: molecular immunology, Lineage development, autoimmunity, cancer immunotherapy, transcription factors
Eugene M. Oltz
Areas of study: cell adhesion, protein trafficking and organelle biogenesis, cell cycle, receptors, signal transduction, gene expression, metabolism, cytoskeleton and motility, membrane excitability, molecular basis of diseases
Jason Weber & Heather True-Krob
Areas of study: genetics, comparative genomics, functional genomics, model organisms, epigenetics, genetics of human disease, development, cell biology, molecular biology, complex traits, bioinformatics, systems biology
Tim Schedl & Jim Skeath
Areas of study: molecular microbiology, microbial physiology, infectious disease, microbial pathogenesis, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, host defense
David Sibley
Areas of study: neurobiology, neurology, behavior, cognition, computational neuroscience, electrophysiology, sensory systems, motor systems, neuroglia, neuronal development, learning, memory, synaptic plasticity, mind, consciousness, neurodegeneration
Larry Snyder & Erik Herzog

Areas of study: plant and microbial genetics; biochemistry; cell biology; development; molecular evolution; physiology; signalling; environmental stress response;  biogeochemistry; bioenergy; astrobiology

Joseph Jez & Petra Levin