Grant Submissions

OPA has put together the following information about the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, postdoctoral policies at WU, professional development opportunities, etc..  Please use the components that apply to your grants. [Click for Document].  OPA has also put together recommendations for IDPs.

Additionally, OPA can run reports on the current postdoctoral population at WUSM and provide statistics on the number of postdocs, departmental distribution, race/ethnicity distribution and visa/US citizen status. Historical comparisons are not currently available. Please email if you need this data, and allow several days for processing. 

OPA does not have information on applicants or applicant pools or past trainees. 

Information on Responsible Conduct of Research Training is available from the Research Education and Information Office through the Vice Chancellor for Research at

For financial information, please visit the WUSM Finance site for current rates for health benefits/fringes. Please remember that the department/PI paid portion of the health insurance for Postdoctoral Research Scholars will vary based on the plan/coverage chosen by the postdoc.

In general, tuition costs are not requested on grants because postdocs are not enrolled in programs and do not pay tuition like students. Some postdoctoral training programs do contain structured schooling and may request tuition.

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