HRMS Notes for Department Administrators

Initial Letter of Appointment

Departments should send newly appointed postdocs an initial letter of appointment within three (3) months of their appointment date. The letter template is in HRMS and the postdoctoral appointment must be complete before the letter can be run. Please process the letter through HRMS and print on departmental letterhead. If you have problems printing the letters, please contact the Help Desk.
Instructions for printing the Initial Letter of Appointment 

Paid-direct postdocs

Paid-direct postdocs (those postdocs with no salary/stipend routing through the University, i.e., those on foreign government fellowships paid directly to the postdoc at his/her personal address, HHMI postdocs, etc) should be entered in the HRMS system as Postdoctoral Research Scholars in a non-paid role and the direct pay salary/stipend amount should be entered in the Non-WU Pay field. 

Postdoc End Date

This field will automatically fill with a date five (5) years out from the initial postdoctoral appointment. If the postdoc has prior experience, please go to the Additional Personal Data page and override this date with the appropriate date. (This field is not editable on the Additional Job Data Page.) Additionally, if a person switches between the clinical fellow and postdoctoral research scholar/associate titles, the clinical fellow time will not count toward the five year term limit, and the end date should be adjusted accordingly.

Total Annual Payment Field

When Additional Pay for stipend is changed, please make sure the Total Annual Payment field is updated to reflect the new revised annual amount. This field is used for stipend/salary reporting for the University.

Please make sure that the following fields are entered or updated for postdoctoral appointees:

  • Email address - Please make sure each postdoc has a working email address in the system. This is extremely important as it is OPA’s main avenue for communication with postdocs. Also, if postdocs are paid on R01 grants, you will need a working email address for ePARS.
  • Supervisor ID - Please enter the emplid of the postdoc’s supervisor – this will link the postdoc to their faculty advisor. OPA uses this information to run the annual letters. This should be the faculty member of the lab where the postdoc is training.
  • Honorary Title Field - Please make sure each postdoc is listed as “Dr.” (not Mr., Ms., etc) – they should all have a PhD or equivalent.
  • Education Levels - Please make sure that the highest education level is listed as:
    • J-Doctorate (Academic) for PhDs
    • K-Doctorate (Professional) for MDs
    • M-Doctorate (both MD & PhD) for MD/PhDs
  • Education Fields - Please fill in the Education fields (undergrad and graduate institutions). OPA would like to track what schools our postdocs attended. This information is requested on the Personal Information Forms.
  • Race & Ethnicity - Please make sure that the ethnic & racial information is entered into HRMS for all postdocs before submitting the personal information form. This information is used to run reports and provide data for surveys and grants.

Special Notes for WU graduate students (Danforth or Medical School) being appointed to a postdoc title. Please update:

  • the email address to the new departmental address. Their student email accounts are terminated within three months.
  • the Campus Box with the new number
  • the education field with the degree they received

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