Postdoctoral Policies

In 2002, Washington University approved postdoctoral policies that went in to effect July 1, 2004.

These two policies provide an overview of postdoctoral appointments at WU and you are encouraged to read and review the documents. Per the policy, a person must meet the following criteria to be a postdoc:

  • The appointee has earned a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent terminal or doctoral degree.
  • The appointment is viewed as a training or transitional period preparatory to an academic, industrial, governmental, or other full-time research or teaching career.
  • The appointment is of limited duration generally, not to exceed five years cumulatively unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • The appointment is not part of a clinical training program.
  • The appointee trains under the supervision of a faculty member or a department in research.

 Additionally, the School of Medicine has implemented policies for:

More detail about implementation of the postdoctoral policies is available on the Postdoctoral Appointments webpage.

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