Professional & Career Development Opportunities

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) provides a variety of career and professional development opportunities for postdocs (and DBBS graduate students) including:

  • Professional Development Programming
  • Grant-Writing Workshop - every fall
  • Faculty Career Search Series
  • Career Talks

Please visit the Career and Professional Development section of the website for more information.

Postdocs also have access to The WU Career Center which offers individual career counseling and a variety of career and job searching workshops. Please visit and click on “Students” for more information, dates, times & locations. 

Benefits-eligible postdocs are also encouraged to utilize their tuition benefit to take undergraduate classes for career development through University College. Courses that begin with the number 4 or lower are eligible and listings may be viewed at Certain rules apply, so please make sure the postdoc reads and follows the Postdoc Tuition Remission Policy and guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed, the tuition benefit may be revoked, and the postdoc required to pay the tuition costs. The tuition benefit also covers English as a Second Language classes. Additionally, the English Language Program has faculty available to test non-native speakers and recommend courses for them. Please visit or email more information.

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