Seminar Information

  • Monday, May 20

  • 12:00 PM

  • Hope Center and the Department of Developmental Biology

  • Farrell Learning and Teaching Center, Holden Auditorium

Speaker(s) Information

  • Justin Ichida, PhD

  • University of Southern California

  • “"TBA"”


Mini-series: Modeling Neurological Disorders Using Stem Cell-based Approaches Organizers, Andrew Yoo, Samantha Morris, Celeste Karch
  • April 22: Aaron DiAntonio (WashU Developmental Biology)
  • April 29: Albert Kim (WashU Neurosurgery)
  • May 13: Celeste Karch (WashU Psychiatry)
  • May 20: Justin Ichida (University of Southern California)
This Monday Noon seminar mini-series is co-hosted by the WashU Hope Center for Neurological Disorders Department of Developmental Biology and Department of Neurology. Hope Center Monday Noon Seminars For inquiries contact Cindy Lawrence.

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