​DBBS 40th Anniversary Celebration

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All are invited to join us as we celebrate 40 Years of DBBS and honor our "One Hundred Club" on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

Schedule of Events:


3:00PM  Career Panel Discussion     Moore Auditorium

               Dr. Keith Crandall
                     Professor & Director- Computational Biology Institute, The George Washington University               
               Dr. Ethan Graf
                      Assistant Professor of Biology, Amherst College
               Dr. Karmella Haynes
                      Assistant Professor- School of Biological & Health Systems Engineering, Arizona State University
               Dr. N'Goundo Magassa 
                     Licensing Associate, Office of Technology Management- Washington University in St. Louis
               Dr. Brent Brower-Toland
                     Research Scientist- Monsanto Company

4:30PM  Awards Ceremony & Keynote Speaker       Moore Auditorium

Dr. Joyce Bischoff, Professor- Harvard University, School of Medicine

Reception Immediately Following Keynote Speaker in Farrell Learning & Teaching Center Atrium

We will be honoring ten DBBS faculty members for their service to the Division. Each faculty member has served on 100+ DBBS PhD Thesis Committees. Over the next few weeks we will be giving hints about our honorees before officially announcing who will join The One Hundred Club.  

1. 36 Years at WUSTL, Has a species of spider named after him.
2. 22 Years at WUSTL, Avid free-diving spear fisherman.
3. 27 Years at WUSTL, Undergrad from Drake.
4. 37 Years at WUSTL, Attended the only all- STL World Series- STL Cardinals vs STL Browns in 1944.
5. 29 Years at WUSTL, Signs all of his grants with his 'lucky pen'.
6. 22 Years at WUSTL, Majored in Music in College.
7. 29 Years at WUSTL, Bareboat sailed in 15 different countries.
8. 31 Years at WUSTL, Rejected from Washington University School of Medicine.
9. 25 Years at WUSTL, Loves Rhone wines.
10. 31 Years at WUSTL, Lived on both coast before moving to STL.

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