​Individual Developement Plan (IDP)

Students and postdocs should take ownership of their training as developing independence of thought and action is essential to future careers. An up-to-date Individual Development Plan (IDP) will help you plan your training and keep you on track to achieve your goals. DBBS and the OPA recommend using the AAAS myIDP hosted on the Science Careers Website. DBBS & OPA will provide programming to help you complete and update your IDP. Information about upcoming IDP sessions can be found on the calendar​ or ​the Seminars & Workshops page.

For Students 

Steering Committees will reinforce the importance of IDPs during student advising sessions over years 1 & 2. Short- and long-term goals set during the thesis proposal will form the basis of the academic goal section of the IDP. At subsequent thesis update meetings, student and PI will confirm that the IDP prepared by the student, including career exploration, has been reviewed. If students have issues that they would prefer to discuss with others besides their PI, they are encouraged to discuss with their Program Director or Student Coordinator for further guidance. 

For Postdocs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs encourages all postdoctoral appointees to maintain an active IDP. This may mean creating a new plan using myIDP or updating an existing plan. Postdocs should discuss the IDP with their PI at least once a year. The IDP can be used to assess your interest in various careers as you progress through postdoctoral training and plan for your next career move.

IDP Resources

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Science Careers myIDP Content Collection
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APA's Resources for Individual Development Plans (IDP)
A collection of IDP resources published by the Americal Psychological Association

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APA Individual Development YouTube Channel
A collection of videos on how to use IDPs, published by the American Psychological Association.

NPA Core Competencies
The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) has established six core competencies to offer guidance to individual postdoctoral scholars who must seek out relevant training experiences, in collaboration with mentors, institutions, and other advisors who provide this training.

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