​NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Workshop

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The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Workshop is offered to first- or second-year STEM Ph.D. students (U.S. citizens and permanent residents), in order to teach proposal-writing skills, with the goal of applying to the NSF GRFP. Senior undergraduate students are welcome to attend as well. The program is supported by the Graduate School, the Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences, and the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University and has events on both the Medical School and Danforth campuses.
The workshop consists of an initial seminar (please see dates below) by Dr. Joseph Jez, NSF Review Panelist and Dr. Martha Bhattacharya, workshop founder. This seminar will cover basics of grantsmanship, types of grants available to early graduate students, and information about the review process, with particular focus on the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowship Program.
The second seminar in the workshop will be hosted by The Writing Center at Washington University and will focus on how to write personal statements and other essays for your applications. At this seminar, students can sign up for one-on-one sessions with writing mentors through The Writing Center to get help with their drafts.
These information sessions lead up to the heart of the workshop: three small group mentoring sessions that will enable students to have a completed application ready for the NSF application deadline in late October, 2016 and/or apply for other fellowships. In these sessions, offered on both the Medical School and Danforth Campuses, skilled grant writers (faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and senior Ph.D. students) will mentor students in their first real grant-writing experience.
Week one will focus on Introduction, Problem Statement, Specific Aims outline.  Week two will focus on Personal, Relevant Background, and Future Goals Statement. Week three will focus on a two-page proposal draft.
Please note: In order to attend the Small Group Sessions you must attend both Seminar 1 and 2 and register for the small groups sessions.  However, all are welcome to attend the seminars without an obligation to attend the small group sessions.

Workshop Registration

The deadline to register for the small group mentoring sessions is September 2, 2016. Specific meeting times for groups will be announced after lecture sessions have concluded.  

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/Hy6YZBJLTsuYUExH3  


Workshop Schedule

Seminar 1: "How to Write A Successful Research Proposal"

Presented by Dr. Martha Bhattacharya and Dr. Joseph Jez
Students should attend only one "Seminar 1" session. You may attend at either campus, no matter where you spend most of your lab time.
Medical Campus
Thursday, September 8, 1:00 pm-2:30 pm,
Holden Auditorium, Farrell Learning and Teaching Center (FLTC)
Danforth Campus
Friday, September 9, 9:30 am-11:00 am
Whitaker 100 Auditorium

Seminar 2: "Writing Personal Statements"

Presented by Steve Pijut Director, Associate Director of The Writing Center
Students should attend only one "Seminar 2" session. You may attend at either campus, no matter where you spend most of your lab time.

Medical Campus
Tuesday, September 13, 1:30 pm-3:30 pm
Holden Auditorium, Farrell Learning and Teaching Center (FLTC)

Danforth Campus
Thursday, September 15, 3:00 pm-5:00 pm
Whitaker 100 Auditorium

Small Group Mentoring Sessions

Small groups will be assigned after the lecture sessions have concluded. Your faculty mentor will inform you of the meeting dates, times, and locations. Small groups are likely to meet during the weeks of 9/26-9/30, 10/3-10/7, and 10/10-10/14*.
*Meetings this week may be changed to accommodate observance of Yom Kippur  


NSF GRFP Eligibility

***2016 Change to NSF GRFP Eligibility***

Starting in fall 2016, NSF will limit graduate students to only one application to the GRFP, submitted either in the first year or in the second year of graduate school. First-year graduate students who applied in fall of 2015 and are otherwise eligible may apply in fall 2016. All other graduate students are subject to the new eligibility restriction. No change is made to the eligibility of undergraduates. For more information on eligibility requirements for the NSF GRFP, please visit: https://www.nsfgrfp.org/applicants/eligibility  

International students without permanent resident status and M.D./Ph.D. students should not attend the NSF GRFP workshop. Instead, they should attend the STEM Fellowship Writing Workshop to be held in October-November, 2016. Information on this workshop will be announced later in the fall.

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