​Citations and Opportunities for Graduate Students

The Entrepreneurship Citation, offered by the Skandalaris Center engages and connects Ph.D. students who are interested in developing skills and experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation. Any Washington University in St. Louis, degree-seeking Ph.D. student is eligible. Ph.D. students must acquire approval from their Dissertation Adviser. Once approved, students must fill out and track points using the registration formThe Entrepreneurship Citation program has three main objectives:

● To provide entrepreneurial training and experience.
● To spark interdisciplinary collaboration for fostering innovation.
● To enhance future career opportunities.

To earn the citation, students must successfully fulfill the training requirements by taking courses and seminars designed to help identify entrepreneurial opportunities and collaborate across disciplines. Please visit Skandalaris Center to learn more. 

For more resources, please visit the
Washington University Teaching Center​

The Teaching Citation, offered by the Teaching Center is a teaching intensive professional-development program designed to help Washington University Ph.D. students develop the teaching experience and expertise in a multidisciplinary learning community.  For details, please visit The Teaching Citation web page and use the contact form to schedule a Teaching Center Consultation.

The Preparation in Pedagogy (PiP) Program is a Teaching Center workshop-intensive program that provides formalized training in pedagogy for Washington University graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from across disciplines. Please visit PiP program to learn more.

Washington University CIRTL Program (WU-CIRTL) is a Teaching Center program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are preparing for future faculty positions in STEM disciplines.  The WU-CIRTL program is designed to be the starting point for a faculty career that includes the practice of scholarly teaching. 
Please visit WU-CIRTL program to learn more.  



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