• DePauw University (2010)

  • Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis

  • Jacco Boon, Ph.D.

  • Influenza A viral evolution and reassortment

  • williamsgraham@wustl.edu


Influenza A virus is a major human and zoonotic pathogen that continues to circulate in diverse hosts and environments. The genome of Influenza A consists of eight segments that can be reassorted when a cell is coinfected with two viruses. These reassortment events may lead to novel progeny viruses that retain the most favorable properties of the parental viruses and result in new pandemics (i.e. 1918, 1957, 2009). Understanding the mechanisms underlying this process is important to better inform surveillance efforts and future vaccination strategies. We intend to use molecular methods to understand the mechanisms occurring during the co-infection leading to reassortment and what drives this non-stochastic event.

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