Courtney Ann Sobieski

  • Loyola University-Chicago (2011)

  • Neurosciences

  • Steven J. Mennerick, Ph.D.

  • neuron-astrocyte interactions and effects on synaptic transmission


Graduate Publications:

Sobieski C, Jiang X, Crawford DC, Mennerick S. 2015. Loss of local astrocyte support disrupts action potential propagation and glutamate release synchrony from unmyelinated hippocampal axon terminals in vitro. J. Neuro Aug 5;35(31):11105-17

Victor MB, Richner M, Hermanstyne TO, Ransdell JL, Sobieski C, Deng PY, Klyachko VA, Nerbonne JM, Yoo AS. 2014 Generation of Human Striatal Neurons by MicroRNA-Dependent Direct Conversion of Fibroblasts. Neuron, 84(2):311-23. PMCID: PMC4223654

Jia L, Chisari M, Maktabi MH, Sobieski C, Zhou H, Konopko AM, Martin BR, Mennerick SJ, Blumer KJ. 2014 A mechanism regulating G protein-coupled receptor signaling that requires cycles of protein palmitoylation and depalmitoylation. J Biol Chem, 289(9):6249-57. PMCID: PMC3937690

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