Chelsea Renee Parker Harp

  • Oregon State University (2012)

  • Immunology

  • Gregory F. Wu, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Pathogenic consequences of B cell-mediated CD4 T cell activation in a MHCII-dependent model of CNS autoimmunity

Graduate Publications:

Chelsea R. Parker Harp, Angela S. Archambault, Julia Sim, Stephen T. Ferris, Robert J. Mikesell, Pandelakis A. Koni, Michiko Shimoda, Christopher Linington, John H. Russell, and Gregory F. Wu. B Cell Antigen Presentation Is Sufficient To Drive Neuroinflammation in an Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis. J Immunol (2015) 194:5077-5084; published ahead of print April 20, 2015, doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1402236

Stephen P Persaud, Chelsea R Parker, Wan-Lin Lo, K Scott Weber and Paul M Allen. Intrinsic CD4+ T cell sensitivity and response to a pathogen are set and sustained by avidity for thymic and peripheral complexes of self peptide and MHC. Nature Immunology (2014) 15, 266–274; Published online 02 February 2014

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