Cheryl Elizabeth Grace Leyns

  • University of Wisconsin-Parkside (2013)

  • Molecular Cell Biology

  • David M. Holtzman, M.D.

  • The Holtzman lab is focused on understanding the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease and developing approaches to treatment.



My thesis work in the Holtzman lab consists of understanding tau pathobiology and developing better approaches to the treatment of tauopathies. Tau is a microtubule binding protein that forms neurotoxic aggregates in a multitude of neurodegenerative diseases including but not limited to progressive supranuclear nuclear palsy, frontotemporal dementia, and Alzheimer`s disease. My projects center around understanding how tau aggregates propagate, how immunotherapy functions to prevent this propagation, and designing long-term approaches for the administration of anti-tau antibodies.

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