Joseph Ronald Burclaff

  • Marquette University (2013)

  • Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology

  • Jason C. Mills, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Characterizing response from different cellular populations following acute gastric injury


Graduate Publications:

Radyk, Megan D, Joseph Burclaff, Spencer G Willett, Jason C Mills. “Metaplastic Cells in the Stomach Arise, Independently of Stem Cells, via Dedifferentiation or Transdifferentiation of Chief Cells.” Gastroenterology. In press.

Joseph Burclaff, Jason C. Mills. “Cell biology: Healthy skin rejects cancer.” Nature 548(7667) (2017): 289-290.

Joseph Burclaff, Luciana Osaki, Dengqun Liu, James R Goldenring, and Jason C. Mills. “Targeted Apoptosis of Parietal Cells is Insufficient to Induce Metaplasia in Stomach.” Gastroenterology 152.4 (2017): 762-766.

Joohyun Lim, Joseph Burclaff, Guangxu He, Jason C. Mills, and Fanxin Long. “Unintended targeting of Dmp1-Cre reveals a critical role for Bmpr1a signaling in the gastrointestinal mesenchyme of adult mice.” Bone Research 5 (2017): 16049.

Saenz, Jose B., Joseph Burclaff, and Jason C. Mills. "Modeling Murine Gastric Metaplasia through Tamoxifen-Induced Acute Parietal Cell Loss." Gastrointestinal Physiology and Diseases: Methods and Protocols (2016): 329-339.

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