Cynthia Kay Holland

Graduate Publications:

Schenck CA, Holland CK, Schneider MR, Men Y, Lee SG, Jez JM, Maeda HA. (2017). Molecular basis of the evolution of alternative tyrosine biosynthetic routes in plants. Nature Chemical Biology, (Epub ahead of print).

Holland CK, Cascella B, Jez JM. (2016). Dissonance Strikes a Chord in Stilbene Synthesizers. Cell Chemical Biology, 23(12): 1440-1441.

Kilgore MB, Holland CK, Jez JM, Kutchan TM. (2016). Identification of a Noroxomaritidine Reductase with Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid Biosynthesis Related Activities. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291(32): 16740-52. PMCID: PMC4974387

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