• Ball State University (2007)

  • Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology

  • Tiffany M. Knight, Ph.D.

  • Rare Plant Viability and Conservation

  • hollybernardo@gmail.com


In collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden I am conducting a population viability analysis of a federally endangered species (Astragalus bibulatus), and using simulation modeling to assess the interactive effects of climate change (via drought) and habitat management on its risk of extinction.

In collaboration with the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Plants of Concern program I am conducting viability analyses on a range of rare plants in IL. I have three goals for this project.

1) To compare the viability of state protected (endangered and threatened) versus non-protected rare species;
2) To determine what characteristics of a rare species make it more or less likely to receive protection status (e.g. restricted geographic range, habitat specificity); and
3) To determine if the characteristics that make a rare species more likely to receive protection status accurately predict the species most in need of protection status (i.e. those with the greatest risk of extinction).

This work will results in detailed population viability assessments of many rare IL plants that can be used to further the conservation efforts of those species.

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