• Shanxi Medical University (2011)

  • Molecular Genetics and Genomics

  • Timothy J. Ley, MD

  • Evaluating the function of DNmT3A mutations associated with AML and Tatton-Brown-Rahman Syndrome

  • li777@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Kramer MH, Zhang Q, Sprung R, Day RB, Erdmann-Gilmore P, Li Y, Xu Z, Helton NM, George DR, Mi Y, Westervelt P, Payton JE, Ramakrishnan SM, Miller CA, Link DC, DiPersio JF, Walter MJ, Townsend RR, Ley TJ. 2022 Proteomic and Phosphoproteomic Landscapes of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Blood, 140(13):1533-48.

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