• University of California-Davis (2016)

  • Molecular Genetics and Genomics

  • Andrew Yoo, PhD

  • Investigating signalling regulation in populations of reprogrammed cells

  • kfburbach@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Capano LS,, Sato C, Ficulle E, Yu A, Horie K, Kwon J-S, Burbach KF, Barthélemy NR, Fox SG, Karch CM, Bateman RJ, Houlden H, Morimoto RI, Holtzman DM, Duff KE, Yoo AS. 2022 Recapitulation of endogenous 4R tau expression and formation of insoluble tau in directly reprogrammed human neurons. Cell Stem Cell, 29(6):918-932.e8.

Cates K, McCoy MJ, Kwon JS, Liu Y, Abernathy DG, Zhang B, Liu S, Gontarz P, Kim WK, Chen S, Kong W, Ho JN, Burbach KF, Gabel HW, Morris SA, Yoo AS. 2020 Deconstructing Stepwise Fate Conversion of Human Fibroblasts to Neurons by MicroRNAs. Cell Stem Cell, ():S1934-5909(20)30411-2.

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