• Brandeis University (2011)

  • Molecular Cell Biology

  • Andrew Yoo, Ph.D.

  • I love epigenetics, neuroscience, and development!

  • capano@wustl.edu


Previous work in the Cavalli Lab showed a constitutive activation of mTORC1 increased an injured peripheral neuron`s ability to regenerate its axon, but these axons often innervated the wrong target tissue type. In my rotation I performed a small molecule mini-screen to test known activators of the mTORC1 pathway to determine which were able to increase axon regeneration. I found two molecules which produced either a positive Western Blot or positive IHC, indicating an increase in mTORC1 and a possible growth phenotype. Future research will be to better characterize these drugs and their ability to affect growth and apply them in vivo to recently injured PNS to determine if acutely activating mTORC1 helps in the recovery of the PNS.

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