• Emory University (2017)

  • Immunology

  • Todd A. Fehniger, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Memory-like NK cells and regulation of NK cell development and survival

  • wongp@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Gubin, Matthew M., Ekaterina Esaulova, Jeffrey P. Ward, Olga N. Malkova, Daniele Runci, Pamela Wong, Takuro Noguchi, Cora D. Arthur, Wei Meng, Elise Alspach, Ruan F. V. Medrano, Catrina Fronick, Michael Fehlings, Evan W. Newell, Robert S. Fulton, Kathleen C. F. Sheehan, Stephen T. Oh, Robert D. Schreiber, and Maxim N. Artyomov. "High-Dimensional Analysis Delineates Myeloid and Lymphoid Compartment Remodeling During Successful Immune-Checkpoint Cancer Therapy." Cell (2018)

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