• Drury University (2019)

  • Cancer Biology

  • Abby M. Green, MD

  • Identifying the pro-survival functions of BIRC5 in T-ALL cells compared to normal healthy cells to inform the design of inhibitors.

  • rdeweerd@wustl.edu


BIRC5 expression is upregulated in DNMT3A mutant cells and repressed following chemotherapy treatment in PDX models. To identify the function of BIRC5 in leukemia, we will validate BIRC5 expression in leukemia cell lines with and without chemotherapy treatment and/or functional DNMT3A. We will additionally determine the subcellular localization of BIRC5 through immunofluorescence in these conditions. We will also define BIRC5 interacting partners by co-immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometry.

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