​Junior Scientist Institute

JSIThe Junior Scientist Institute is a one-day training initiative for 6-8th graders who are highly interested in the sciences but have little or no experience working in a laboratory environment.  This initiative is under the leadership of the Association of Black Biomedical Graduate Students (ABBGS) and the Graduate Association of Latin American Students (GALAS) and convenes every February.  Participants will shadow a graduate student mentor in lab as they are introduced to the exciting possibilities of research. 

We believe, in order to solve the problems affecting the world we live in, diverse people from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures must work together. Experiences have shaped ideas and the way we think about solving a problem. Young minds are needed to approach these difficult questions from different angles.

If you, your child or your class is interested in participating in JSI, please contact Ebony Page at (314) 362-7456 or toll-free at 1-800-852-9074 or e.page@wustl.edu​.​​

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