Erika C. Crouch, Ph.D., M.D.

Pathology and Immunology
Internal Medicine

Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Program
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Program
Molecular Cell Biology Program

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  • 2457 Kingshighway Building, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, North


  • biochemistry, carbohydrate, gene expression, immunology, lipids

  • Structure and function of surfactant protein D (SP-D)

Research Abstract:

Our research focuses on the structure and function of collagenous carbohydrate binding proteins known as collectins. We are investigating the structure, function, synthesis, assembly and secretion of SP-D – a lung surfactant associated collectin that has been implicated in the innate pulmonary host defense against a wide variety of important bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens. The laboratory currently is studying the human SP-D promoter and using site-directed mutagenesis to examine the structural requirements for assembly, secretion and biologic activity.

Selected Publications:

Crouch E, McDonald B, Smith K, Roberts M, Cafarella T, Seaton B, Head J. Critical role of Arg/Lys343 in the species-dependent recognition of phosphatidylinositol by pulmonary Surfactant Protein D. Biochemistry 2007 46(17):5160-5169.

Wang H, Head J, Kosma P, Brade H, Muller-Loennies S, Sheikh S, McDonald B, Smith K, Cafarella T, Seaton B, Crouch E. Recognition of heptoses and the inner core of bacterial lipopolysaccharides by Surfactant Protein D. Biochemistry 2008 47(2):710-720.

Matalon S, Shestra K, Kirk M, Waldheuser S, McDonald B, Smith K, Gao Z, Belaaouaj A, Crouch EC. Modification of Surfactant Protein D by reactive oxygen nitrogen intermediates is accompanied by loss of aggregating activity, in vitro and in vivo. FASEB J 2009 23(5):1415-1430.

Crouch E, Hartshorn K, Horlacher T, McDonald B, Smith K, Cafarella T, Seaton B, Seeberger PH, Head J. Recognition of mannosylated ligands and influenza A virus by human SP-D: Contributions of an extended site and residue 343. Biochem 2009 48(15):3335-3345.

Doss M, White MR, Tecle T, Gantz D, Crouch EC, Jung G, Ruchala P, Waring AJ, Lehrer RI, Hartshorn KL. Interactions of alpha-, beta-, and theta-defensins with Influenza A virus and Surfactant Protein D. J Immunol 2009 182:7878-7887.

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