Kathleen B. Hall, PhD

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Program

  • 314-362-4196

  • 314-362-8885

  • 314-362-7183

  • 2902 South Building

  • kathleenhal@gmail.com

  • http://www.biochem.wustl.edu/kbhlab/

  • RNA, NMR, RNA:protein interactions, fluorescence, thermodynamics

  • We study RNA folding and RNA binding to proteins

Research Abstract:

We study the structure and dynamics of RNA and RNA:protein complexes, with the goal of describing the basis of molecular recognition in these fascinating complexes. These studies use NMR, ITC, fluorescence, and computational methods, as well as biochemical techniques. We are also intrigued by the properties of RNA alone, and are using in vitro and computational methods to investigate the folding and dynamics of both small and larger RNAs.

Selected Publications:

Welty R, Hall KB. (2016) Nucleobases Undergo Dynamic Rearrangements during RNA Tertiary Folding. J Mol Biol. 428(22):4490-4502. PMCID: PMC5085838.

Hayatshahi HS, Roe DR, Galindo-Murillo R, Hall KB, Cheatham TE 3rd. (2017) Computational Assessment of Potassium and Magnesium Ion Binding to a Buried Pocket in GTPase-Associating Center RNA. J Phys Chem B. 121(3):451-462. PMCID: PMC5278497.

Weber G, DeKoster GT, Holton N, Hall KB, Wahl MC. (2018) Molecular principles underlying dual RNA specificity in the Drosophila SNF protein. Nat Commun. 9(1):2220. PMCID: PMC5992148.

Welty R, Pabit SA, Katz AM, Calvey GD, Pollack L, Hall KB. (2018) Divalent ions tune the kinetics of a bacterial GTPase Center rRNA folding transition from secondary to tertiary structure. RNA, 24(12):1828-1838.

Welty R, Rau M, Pabit SA, Dunstan M, Conn G, Pollack L, Hall KB. (2020) Ribosomal protein L11 selectively stabilizes a tertiary structure of the 58-nucleotide GTPase Center rRNA. J Mol Biol 432:991-1007.

Cubuk J, Alston JJ, Incicco JJ, Singh S, Stuchell-Brereton MD, Ward MD, Zimmerman MI, Vithani N, Griffith D, Wagoner JA, Bowman GR, Hall KB, Soranno A, Holehouse AS. 2020 The SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein in dynamic, disordered, and phase separates with RNA. bioRxiv.

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