Gary D. Stormo, Ph.D.

Joseph Erlanger Professor

Computational and Systems Biology Program
Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program
Human and Statistical Genetics Program
Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Program

  • 314-747-5534

  • 314-362-8583

  • 314-747-5535

  • MRB - McKinley Research Building, Room 4208



  • computational biology, genome analysis, gene expression, mathematical modeling

  • Computational biology, bioinformatics, protein-DNA interactions, gene regulation

Research Abstract:

My group does both computational and experimental biology. Most of the experimental work is focused on understanding the regulation of gene expression, and especially the basis of specificity in protein-nucleic acid interactions. We analyze how the affinity of proteins for DNA changes depending on the sequence of the DNA, and conversely for changes in the key residues of the protein. We have developed methods that allow us to obtain accurate, quantitative data in large amounts, which can be used to develop models for the interactions.

Much of the computational work is also involved with modeling protein-nucleic acid interactions, and relies on a close collaboration with the experimental work. Recently, we have focused on developing algorithms that can combine different types of data, including phylogenetic conservation and expression measurements, to help discover regulatory patterns. We use comparative data from multiple, related species and pattern recognition algorithms to help uncover genetic regulatory networks.

Selected Publications:

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