Pablo M. Blazquez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Neurosciences Program

  • 314-362-1013

  • 314-747-2318

  • 8115


  • Cerebellum, Brainstem, Vestibular, Spatial Navigation, Motor control, Motor learning, Plasticity

  • Function of the Cerebellar-brainstem loop in motor control, spatial navigation and motor learning

Research Abstract:

The goal of my research is to investigate the role of the cerebellum and cerebellar plasticity in motor control and spatial navigation. My model systems are the oculomotor (eye) and vestibular (balance) systems. I focus on studying cerebellar and brainstem function (vestibular nuclei, cerebellar flocculus, Nodulus and Uvula) in primates using single unit recordings, pharmacology, histology and computational methods. We have recently added mouse neurogenetics to our repertoire of experimental tools to study the role of the cerebellar Nodulus and Uvula (NU) during spatial navigation in mice. We have also developed new methods for simultaneously recording and drug delivery in deep structures (ventral paraflocculus) in the awake primate.

Health problems associated with motor control and balance are the most common neurological disorders affecting the world population today. Our research is aimed to understanding motor control and balance in the normal and diseased brain, with the ultimate goal of paving the way towards finding cures and therapies for rehabilitation.

Selected Publications:

Blazquez PM, Yakusheva T. GABA-A Inhibition Shapes the Spatial and Temporal Response Properties of Purkinje Cells in the Macaque Cerebellum. Cell Reports 2015.

Meng, H., Blzquez, P.M., Dickman, J.D., Angelaki, D.E. Diversity of vestibular nuclei neurons targeted by cerebellar nodulus inhibition. J. Physiology 2014.

Laurens J, Heiney SM, Kim G, Blazquez PM. Cerebellar cortex granular layer interneurons in the macaque monkey are functionally driven by mossy fiber pathways through net excitation or inhibition. PLoS One, 2013.

Yakusheva TA, Blazquez PM, Chen A, Angelaki DE. Spatiotemporal properties of optic flow and vestibular tuning in the cerebellar nodulus and uvula. J Neurosci. 2013

Heiney SA, Highstein SM, Blazquez PM. Golgi cells operate as state-specific temporal filters at the input stage of the cerebellar cortex. J. Neurosci. 2010

Angelaki DE, Yakusheva TA, Green AM, Dickman JD, Blazquez PM Computation of Egomotion in the Macaque Cerebellar Vermis. Cerebellum. 2009

Inagaki K, Heiney SA, Blazquez PM. Method for the construction and use of carbon fiber multibarrel electrodes for deep brain recordings in the alert animal. J Neurosci Methods 2009

Yakusleva T, Shaikh AG, Green AM, Blazquez PM, Dickman JD and Angelaki DE. Purkinje cells in posterior vermis detect motion in an inertial reference frame. Neuron 2007

Blazquez PM, Hirata Y, Highstein SM. “Chronic changes in inputs to dorsal Y neurons accompany VOR motor learning”. J Neurophysiol. 2006

Blazquez PM, Fujii N, Kojima J and A.M. Graybiel. “A network representation of response probability in the striatum”. Neuron. 2002

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