Joshua S. Shimony, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Diagnostic Radiology

Neurosciences Program

  • 314-362-5950

  • 314-747-0848

  • 314-362-4886

  • 8131

  • 4525 Scott Av. St Louis MO, 63110


  • brain, imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI, DTI, perfusion, mathematical modeling

  • Translational Brain MRI Clinical Applications; Neurophysiology Modeling Using MRI Methods

Research Abstract:

The focus of our lab has been on translational application of MRI and on modeling of neurophysiology as measured with MRI techniques. We have ongoing projects involving three distinct MRI methods: 1) Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Tractography; 2) Resting state functional MRI; and 3) Perfusion Imaging using dynamic susceptibility contrast.

Selected Publications:

Smyser CD, Snyder AZ, Shimony JS, Blazey TM, Inder TE, Neil JJ Plos One 2013 8(7):e68098. Effects of WM Injury on resting state fMRI measures in Prematurely Born Infants.

Leuthardt EC, Roland J, Breshears J, Bandt SK, Shimony JS Neurosurgery (2013) 60 Suppl 1:64-9. Listening to the Brain: New techniques in intraoperative Brain Mapping.

Lee MH, Smyser CD, Shimony JS (2013). Resting State fMRI: A Review of Methods and Clinical Applications, AJNR epub ahead of print.

Lee MH, Hacker CD, Snyder AZ, Corbetta M, Zhang D, Leuthardt EC, Shimony JS (2012). Clustering of Resting State Networks, PLoS One. 2012;7(7):e40370. Epub 2012 Jul 9.

Bednarek N, Mathur A, Inder T, Wilkinson J, Neil J, Shimony J (2012). Impact of Theraputic Hypothermia on MRI Diffusion Changes in Neonatal Encephalopathy, Neurology. 2012 May 1;78(18):1420-7. Epub 2012 Apr 18.

Mac Donald CL, Johnson AM, Cooper D, Nelson EC, Werner NJ, Shimony JS, Snyder AZ, Raichle ME, Witherow JR, Fang R, Flaherty SF, Brody DL (2011). Detection of Blast Related Traumatic Brain Injury in US Military Personnel. N Engl J Med. 2011 Jun 2;364(22):2091-100.

Lee JJ, Bretthorst GL, Derdeyn CP, Powers WJ, Videen TO, Snyder AZ, Markham J, Shimony JS (2010). Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI with Localized Arterial Input Functions. Magn Reson Med. 2010 May;63(5):1305-14.

Zhang D, Johnston JM, Fox MD, Leuthardt EC, Grubb RL, Chicoine MR, Smyth MD, Snyder AZ, Raichle ME, Shimony JS (2009). Preoperative sensorimotor mapping in brain tumor patients using spontaneous fluctuations in neuronal activity imaged with functional magnetic resonance imaging: initial experience. Neurosurgery. 2009 Dec;65(6 Suppl):226-36.

Shimony JS, Zhang D, Johnston JM, Fox MD, Roy A, Leuthardt EC. Resting State Spontaneous Fluctuations in Brain Activity: A New Paradigm for Presurgical Planning using Fmri. Academic Radiology 2009 16(5):578-583.

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