Jennifer Gries Duncan, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Critical Care Medicine

Molecular Cell Biology Program
Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program

Research Abstract:

Mitochondrial energy metabolism is critical for life and altered metabolism is associated with many disease states. Our lab is focused on the impact of maternal nutritional status on metabolism and mitochondrial development and function in her offspring. Epidemiologic data demonstrates that a variety of environmental insults during development (intrauterine growth retardation, infants of diabetic mothers) predispose to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. We are using Drosophila as a genetic model to probe the mechanistic basis of these changes, with a particular focus on metabolism and mitochondria.

Selected Publications:

Duncan, JG, Rajashree R, Stull LB, Murphy AM. Chronic xanthine oxidase inhibition prevents myofibrillar protein oxidation and preserves cardiac function in a transgenic mouse model of cardiomyopathy. Am J Physiol (Heart Circ) 2005 289: H1512-1518.

Bilchick KC*, Duncan JG*, Ravi R, Takimoto E, Champion HC, Gao WD, Stull LB, Kass DA, Murphy AM. Heart failure-associated alterations in troponin I phosphorylation impair ventricular relaxation-afterload and force-frequency responses and systolic function. Am J Physiol (Heart Circ) 2007 292: H318-25.

Duncan JG, Fong JL, Medeiros DM, Finck BN, Kelly DP. The insulin-resistant heart exhibits a mitochondrial biogenic response driven by the PPARa -PGC-1a regulatory pathway. Circulation 2007 115: 909-917.

Duncan JG and Finck BN. The PPARa-PGC-1a axis controls cardiac energy metabolism in healthy and diseased myocardium. PPAR Research 2008, 2008: 1-10.

Duncan JG, Bharadwaj KG, Fong JL, Mitra R, Sambandam N, Courtois MR, Lavine KJ, Goldberg IJ, Kelly DP. Rescue of cardiomyopathy in PPARα transgenic mice by deletion of lipoprotein lipase identifies sources of cardiac lipids and PPARα activators. Circulation 121(3): 426-35, 2010

Mitra R, Nogee DP, Zechner JF, Yea K, Gierasch CM, Kovacs A, Medeiros DM, Kelly DP, Duncan JG. The transcriptional coactivators, PGC-1α and β, cooperate to maintain cardiac mitochondrial function during the early stages of insulin resistance. JMCC Oct. 20, 2011.

Buescher JL, Musselman LP, Wilson CA, Lang T, Keleher M, Baranski TJ, Duncan JG. Evidence for Transgenerational Metabolic Programming in Drosophila. Disease Models and Mechanisms, in press.

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