Lucia Strader, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program
Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program

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  • Rebstock 307A

  • strader@WUSTL.EDU


  • plant development; hormones; signal transduction

  • Strader Lab research focuses on understanding phytohormone roles in plant development

Research Abstract:

My research is elucidating the relationships between the plant hormones auxin, abscisic acid (ABA), and ethylene and determining the role of the auxin precursor IBA in plant development. The auxin indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) is a critical hormone, controlling both cell division and cell expansion and thereby orchestrating many developmental events and environmental responses. Normal plant morphogenesis and environmental responses require modulation of auxin levels and responsiveness by interaction with other hormones, controlling biosynthesis, regulating transport, and managing storage forms. One auxin storage form is the side chain-lengthened compound indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), which is shortened into IAA by peroxisomal β-oxidation.

Selected Publications:

Korasick, DA, CS Westfall, SG Lee, R Dumas, M Nanao, G Hagen, TJ Guilfoyle, JM Jez, and LC Strader (2014) Molecular basis for AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR interaction and the control of auxin response repression. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 111:5427-5432.

Thole, JM, ER Beisner*, J Liu*, SV Venkova*, and LC Strader (2014) Abscisic acid regulates root elongation through the activities of auxin and ethylene. G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics 4:1259-1274. (*undergraduate authors)

Michniewicz, M, SK Powers*, and LC Strader (2014) PDR Proteins and IBA Transport. In Plant ABC Transporters. M. Geisler, ed., in press. (*undergraduate author)

Korasick, DA, TA Enders, and LC Strader (2013) Auxin biosynthesis and storage forms. Journal of Experimental Botany 64:2541-2555.

Strader, LC and JL Nemhauser (2013) Auxin 2012: a rich mea ho`oulu. Development 140:1153-1157.

De Rybel, B, D Audenaert, W Xuan, P Overvoorde, LC Strader, S Kepinksi, R Hoye, R Brisbois, B Parizot, S Vanneste, X Liu, A Gilday, I Graham, L Nguyen, L Jansen, MF Njo, D Inz, B Bartel and T Beeckman (2012) A role for the root cap in root branching revealed by the non-auxin probe naxillin. Nature Chemical Biology 8:798-805.

Rinaldi, MA, J Liu*, TA Enders, B Bartel, and LC Strader (2012) A gain-of-function mutation in IAA16 confers reduced responses to auxin and abscisic acid and impedes plant growth and fertility. Plant Molecular Biology 79:359-373. (*undergraduate author)

Strader, LC, DL Wheeler*, SE Christensen, JC Berens*, JD Cohen, RA Rampey, and B Bartel (2011) Multiple facets of Arabidopsis seedling development require indole-3-butyric acid-derived auxin. The Plant Cell 23:984-999. (*undergraduate authors)

Strader, LC and B Bartel (2011) Transport and metabolism of the endogenous auxin precursor indole-3-butyric acid. Molecular Plant 4:477-486.

Růžička, K, LC Strader, A Bailly, H Yang, J Blakeslee, Ł Łangowski, E Nejedl, H Fujita, H Ito, K Syōno, J Hejtko, WM Gray, E Martinoia, M Geisler, B Bartel, A Murphy, and J Friml (2010) Arabidopsis PIS1 encodes the ABCG37 transporter of auxinic compounds including the auxin precursor indole-3-butyric acid. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 107:10749-10753.

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Photo caption: PDR8/PEN3/ABCG36 is an ABC transporter that is required for efflux of the auxin precursor IBA out of the root tip. ABCG36-GFP is localized within epidermal (ep) and lateral root cap (LRC) cells in the root to define the root interface with the rhizosphere (Strader and Bartel, 2009). Confocal images of a root tip from 6-day-old ABCG36:ABCG36-GFP. (A) The right panel shows ABCG36-GFP; the left panel shows propidium iodide conterstaining. The stele, epidermal (ep), cortex (co), endodermal (en), quiescent center (QC), lateral root cap (LRC), and columella cells are labeled on the propidium iodide image. (B) Digital magnification of lateral root cap and epidermal cell ABCG36-GFP. Scale bar is 20 µm
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