Ramesh Agarwal, Ph.D.

William Palm Professor
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

General Program

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  • 1185

  • Jolley 307

  • rka@wustl.edu

  • http://research.engineering.wustl.edu/mems/CFDlab/index.html

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, fluid flow, stenosis, cardiovascular modeling, fluid mechanical modeling

  • Modeling and simulations of systems and devices involving fluid flow

Research Abstract:

My primary expertise is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) i.e. the modeling and simulation of systems and devices involving fluid flow. Many biological systems and biomedical applications involve blood flow, air flow or flow of some other fluid. I have been very interested in modeling blood flow to analyze some aspects of the cardiovascular system or air flow in a respiratory system in order to understand the nature of flow in normal versus diseased organs with a view that such an analysis can aid in diagnosis of the disease as well in development of biomedical devices to help the patients.

Although I belong to the department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), over the years I have collaborated on the following research projects with several members of the Washington University School of Medicine.

1. Study of blood flow in stenosed arteries and aortic valve stenosis to assess the accuracy of Gorlin’s equation for mild to severe stenosis and for low to high flow rates.
2. Study of left ventricular blood flow patterns after cardiac resynchronization therapy in patients with severe congestive heart failure and left bundle branch block.
3. CFD modeling the 3-D cerebrospinal fluid flow within the human central nervous system.
4. Investigation of airflow aerodynamics in trachea during phonation.
5. Investigation of flow in inner ear and its effect on hearing

The above examples illustrate some of the topics of my interest in the area of fluid flow modeling of biological systems. I am not restricted to these topics only. Any area of research that requires fluid flow modeling for improved understanding of nature and growth of disease in human organs is of interest to me.

Selected Publications:

Agarwal RK. Sustainable (Green) Aviation: Challenges and Opportunities. SAE Int. J. Aerospace 2009 Vol. 2 2: 1-20.

Okpara E and Agarwal RK. Numerical Study of Steady and Pulsatile Flow through Models of Vascular and Aortic Valve Stenoses. CFD Journal 2009 17: 205-220.

Cui J and Agarwal RK. Three-Dimensional Computation of a Synthetic Jet in Quiescent Flow AIAA J. 2006 Vol. 44 12: 2846-2855.

Agarwal RK, Yun K, and Balakrishnan R. Beyond Navier-Stokes: Burnett Equations for Simulation of Transitional Flows. Physics of Fluids October 2001 13: 3061-3085.

Agarwal RK. Computational Fluid Dynamics of Whole-Body Aircraft. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 1999 31: 125-169.

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