Thomas Brutnell, Ph.D.

Director of ERAC Institute
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor

Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program
Computational and Systems Biology Program

Research Abstract:

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Selected Publications:

Huang P., Studer A.J., Schnable J.C., Kellogg E.A., Brutnell T.P.(2016) Cross species selection scans identify components of C4 photosynthesis in the grasses. J Ex Bot, Jul;pii: erw256

Weissmann S., Ma F., Furuyama K., Gierse J., Berg H., Shao Y., Taniguchi M., Allen D.K., Brutnell T.P.(2016)Interactions of C4 subtype metabolic activities and transport in maize are revealed through the characterization of DCT2 mutants.Plant Cell Feb;28(2):466-84.

Brutnell TP, Bennetzen JL, Vogel JP. (2015) Brachypodium distachyon and Setaria viridis: Model Genetic Systems for the Grasses.Annu Rev Plant Biol.66:465-85.

Wang L., Czedik-Eysenberg A., Mertz R.A., Si Y., Tohge T., Nunes-Nesi A., Arrivault S., Dedow L.K., Bryant D.W., Zhou W., Xu J., Weissmann S., Studer A., Li P., Zhang C., LaRue T., Shao Y., Ding Z., Sun Q., Patel R.V., Turgeon R., Zhu X., Provart N.J., Mockler T.C., Fernie A.R., Stitt M., Liu P., Brutnell T.P. (2014)Nat Biotechnol 32:1158-65.

Li P, Ponnala L, Gandotra N, Lang L, Si Y, Tausta SL, Kebrom T, Provart N, Patel R, Myers CR, Reidel E, Turgeon R, Liu P, Sun Q, Nelson T and Brutnell TP. The developmental dynamics of the maize leaf transcriptome. Nat. Genet. 2010 42:1060-1067.

Brutnell TP, Wang L, Swartwood K, Goldschmidt A, Jackson D, Zhu XG, Kellogg E, Van Eck J. Setaria viridis: a model for C4 photosynthesis. Plant Cell 2010 22:2537-2544.

Vollbrecht E, Duvick J, Schares J, Ahern KR, Deewatthanawong P, Xu L, Conrad L, Kikuchi K, Kubinec T, Hall BD, Weeks R, Unger-Wallace E, Muszynski M, Brendel VP, and Brutnell TP. Genome-wide distribution of the transposable element Dissociation in maize. Plant Cell 2010 22:1667-1685.

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