Malachi Griffith, PhD

Associate Professor
Internal Medicine

Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program
Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Program
Cancer Biology Program
Computational and Systems Biology Program

  • 314-286-1274

  • MSC 8501-29-10

  • MCC Division of Oncology




  • genomics, bioinformatics, data mining, immunogenomics, precision medicine, personalized medicine, cancer vaccines, and cancer research

  • Improving our understanding of human disease biology and the development of personalized medicine strategies using genomics and informatics technologies

Research Abstract:

I currently co-lead a bioinformatics lab with my identical twin brother Obi Griffith. Our lab's research is focused on improving our understanding of cancer biology and the development of personalized medicine strategies using genomics and informatics technologies. We develop bioinformatics methods for the analysis of high throughput sequence data and identification of biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic and drug response prediction. In collaboration with a diverse group of physician scientists at WASHU and other institutions we are currently leading analyses of diverse sequence data types to profile tumors of individual patients whose conditions are not well addressed by standard-of-care options. We are also leading the analysis of several large-scale genomics projects to help discover genomic signatures relevant to disease initiation, progression and treatment response. In addition to being an Associate Professor of the Department of Medicine, I am an Assistant Director of the McDonnell Genome Institute where our lab is physically located. Finally, I am an instructor for several Bioinformatics workshops delivered annually in various locations including Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories (New York), the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (Toronto and Montreal), the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Berlin (Germany) and Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic).

In addition to many ongoing large scale cancer omics data analysis projects, clinical trial data analyses, and Genomics Tumor Board case studies, the Griffith Lab actively develops methods, algorithms and tools to help others perform these analyses. We have made substantial contributions to open source and open access resources for the scientific community including creation of platforms for alternative expression analysis, regulatory region annotation, mining drug-gene interactions (, curation of functional mutations (, the clinical interpretation of variants in cancer ( the design of personalized cancer vaccines (, integration of whole genome and RNA-seq data in a regulatory and splicing context (, and GenVisR for genomic data visualization (

We have published over 100 papers with major areas of focus in precision medicine, cancer, genomics, immunogenomics, biomarker discovery, sequence analysis, gene regulation and alternative RNA splicing.

To learn more about past and ongoing projects in the Griffith Lab you can browse the following:

Mentorship and Commitment to Diversity Statement:
The GriffithLab ( is an interdisciplinary team of biologists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, and software engineers. Each member of the lab is trained to use computational biology approaches to address research questions relating to cancer biology and precision cancer medicine. We train students and post-docs with a biology background that would like to develop bioinformatics skills. We are equally interested in trainees with a computer science background that would like to apply these skills to studying cancer and improving patient outcomes.

Selected Publications:

Freshour SL, Kiwala S, Cotto KC, Coffman AC, McMichael JF, Song JJ, Griffith M, Griffith OL, Wagner AH. Integration of the Drug-Gene Interaction Database (DGIdb 4.0) with open crowdsource efforts. Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Jan 8;49(D1):D1144-D1151.

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My lab works to overcome the data analysis and interpretation bottleneck for clinical translation of genomic observations.
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