Jeffery T. Lichtenhan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Neurosciences Program

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  • Questions related to normal and diseased cochlear physiology

Research Abstract:

Our research addresses questions related to normal and diseased cochlear physiology. Our approach is to understand the origins of objective measurements that can be used in the clinic. If the cell types, spatial location, and contributing mechanisms can be understood, these objective measurements would have better differential diagnostic capabilities for sensorineural hearing loss.

Our research also addresses questions related to low-frequency hearing. Our approach uses a novel objective measure of low-frequency physiology - the Auditory Nerve Overlapped Waveform. As compared to the high-frequency cochlear base, less is known about the low-frequency cochlear apex because, in part, conventional electrophysiologic techniques perform adequately only at high-frequencies above 1 kHz or so. Understanding low-frequency hearing and hearing loss is important because the majority of speech sounds and many bothersome environmental background noises are of low frequency.

Selected Publications:

Wilson, U.S., Sadler, K.M., Hancock, K.E., Guinan, J.J. Jr., Lichtenhan, J.T. (In Press). Efferent inhibition strength is a Physiological Correlate of Hyperacusis in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Neurophysiology.

Smith, B.S., Lichtenhan, J.T., Cone, B. (2017). Contralateral Inhibition of Click- and Chirp-Evoked Human Compound Action Potentials. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 11, 189.

Lichtenhan, J.T., Hirose, K., Buchman, C.A., Duncan, R.K. Salt, A.N. (2017). Direct administration of 2-Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin into guinea pig cochleae: Effects on physiological and histological measurements. PLoS One. 12(4):e0175236.

Lichtenhan, J.T., Hartsock, J.J., Dornhoffer, J., Donovan, K.M., Salt, A.N. (2016). Drug delivery into the cochlear apex: Improved control to sequentially affect finely spaced regions along the entire length of the cochlear spiral. Journal of Neuroscience Methods.1;273:201-209.

Smith, B.S., Lichtenhan, J.T., Cone, B. (2016). Behavioral pure tone threshold shifts caused by tympanic membrane electrodes. Ear & Hearing. 37(4):e273-5.

Wilson, U.S., Kaf, W.A., Danesh, A., Lichtenhan, J.T. (2016). Assessment of Low-Frequency Hearing with Narrow-Band Chirp Evoked 40-Hz Sinusoidal Auditory Steady State Response. International Journal of Audiology. 55(4):239-47.

Lichtenhan, J.T., Wilson, U.S., Hancock, K.E., Guinan, J.J. (2016). Medial Olivocochlear Efferent Reflex Inhibition of Human Cochlear Nerve Responses. Hearing Research. 333:216-24.

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