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Do students have access to monies/support for career, training, and professional development?


The Division provides up to $1000 toward career, training, and professional development expenses for DBBS students during their graduate training (research meeting, conference or career, training and development). Unallowable expenses are: computer, computer accessories, Wi-Fi charges, software, etc.  Students may request use of the Division funds after the thesis proposal has been approved by the Thesis Advisory Committee.  Students are to complete the Career, Training, and Professional Development Funds Form then submit to the Graduate Student Coordinator for signature, and to confirm available balance. Reimbursements are based on actual expenses incurred and an original, detailed receipt for each expense must be provided. 

Automobile expenses will be reimbursed at current IRS mileage rate; gas receipts cannot be reimbursed. If mileage reimbursement exceeds the cost of airfare, the amount of the reimbursement will be the lesser expense Students must provide a simulation for airfare expense, to be included with corresponding financial documents, if requesting mileage reimbursement. If the cost is greater than $600, the additional expense must be paid by a source other than DBBS. Travel on United States Flag carriers should be used to the maximum extent possible and is required for all international travel. Alcoholic beverages will NOT be reimbursed. 

FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS: When traveling internationally, DBBS asks students to review the WashingtonUniversity International Travel Policy and strongly encourages the completion of the International Travel Registry​. Both documents can be found on the Washington University Global Opportunities website:

PLEASE NOTE: Expense request is to be entered directly into Workday by student or mentor’s administration (will depend on individual dept accounting protocol).​





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