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Under normal circumstances, the mentor will attend the meeting but allow the student to take the lead in the discussion. Under exceptional circumstance, the chair may call a meeting of the thesis committee absent the student, the research mentor, or both.  However, the principal role of the committee is to facilitate discussion and provide constructive criticism to the student and the mentor.  A quorum of 4 faculty is necessary for a meeting to take place.  The chair is responsible for:

  • Facilitating thesis update meetings every 6 - 12 months
  • Submitting the Thesis Committee Report electronically after each meeting to
  • Confirm that the IDP prepared by the student, including career exploration, has been reviewed.
  • Inquiring whether the student is engaged in research subject to a confidentiality agreement and, if appropriate, the chair will direct the thesis mentor to submit a Conflict of Interest Statement: 
      • Research funding from sources that have intellectual property interests in the research, or in which the PI has personal financial interest, may create a real or perceived conflict of interest, given the dual roles of the principal investigator in obtaining funding for the lab and as a mentor for graduate students. Issues of paramount importance are (i) the ability to publish results in a timely fashion; (ii) the ability to communicate research results openly, especially to members of the thesis committee; and (iii) academic rights to publish and speak freely, especially as related to a graduate student’s thesis and defense. 





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