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Application, Procedures and Criteria for PROGRAM Membership in the DBBS


Faculty on the Investigator/Tenure track from any Department of Washington University may be nominated for DBBS Program membership by their Department Head/Chair. 
Candidates for new Program membership in the DBBS will be evaluated using the following criteria, reflecting the importance of continued excellence in postgraduate training and mentoring. It is expected that DBBS faculty members will have strong credentials in many/most of the following areas:
  • A high quality, independent research program in an area of biological or biomedical research that is congruent with existing DBBS programs, and evidence of sustainable research funding or (in the case of new investigators) a strong prognosis for securing funding.
  • A strong record of training and mentoring students (graduate, medical, and/or undergraduate) and/or postdoctoral fellows, or (for new investigators) a clear interest and potential to do so. Examples include a record of past trainees and their current professional status and achievements, a list of publications authored by trainees, formal recognition/awards for teaching or mentoring, and any other evidence of a positive impact on the professional development of mentees.
  • Past and ongoing teaching contributions to graduate and/or medical education. A list should be provided of course titles with a brief summary of the subject matter taught and the number of contact hours in the classroom.
  • For recently appointed junior faculty who have not had the opportunity to meet these criteria, the basis for a positive prognosis should be addressed in the nomination letter from the Department Head/Chair.
The process for evaluating candidates will include the following steps.
  • The DBBS Faculty Membership Committee will screen all candidates for DBBS Program membership andl convey their recommendation on the candidate's membership application to the Director(s) of the primary program which the candidate wishes to join.
  • The Program Director(s) will evaluate the suitability of the candidate as a DBBS mentor associated with their program and decide whether to admit the candidate to DBBS Program membership, recommend a re-evaluation for General membership or deny the application. If admission is thoroughly declined, there is a period of one year before a new request will be considered.
Completed applications must include the six components described below and must be attached to the DBBS membership application form, which can be downloaded below. Applications must provide evidence of mentoring experience and skills as well as evidence of ability to fully support graduate students that affiliate with faculty member/mentor, inclusive of stipend and fees. The following documents are required when a faculty member applies for membership to the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences:

Recommendation Letter or Supporting Statement from Applicant’s Department Head/Chair or Division Chief, whoever is financially responsible in the event of a lapse of funding by the faculty member (1-2 pages)
Biographical Sketch of Applicant
Current and Pending Support (include information regarding start-up funds, if applicable (1-2 pages)
Research Statement (1-2 pages)
List of Current and Past Trainees, if applicable, and other evidence of mentoring experience and skills (Past 5 Years – 1-2 pages)





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