Seminar Information

  • Tuesday, May 4

  • 10:00 AM

  • Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmia Center/Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

  • Zoom

Speaker(s) Information

  • Michel Haïssaguerre, MD

  • Head of the Cardiology – Electrophysiology and Cardiac Pacing; Department University Professor - Hospital Consultant CHU de Bordeaux; Hospital Authority – University of Bordeaux; Honorary President, Electrophysiology and Heart Modeling Institute LIRYC

  • “CBAC Seminar: New Insight on Unexplained Sudden Cardiac Death”


As part of the CBAC Seminar series, join us for this presentation by Michel Haïssaguerre, a Professor at the Victor-Segalen Bordeaux 2 University and head of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Department at Bordeaux University Hospital (Haut-Lévêque Cardiology Hospital), France.

This seminar will be virtual. Register for this event by going here.

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