• Pomona College (2007)

  • Neurosciences

  • Lawrence Hugh Snyder, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Systems Neuroscience

Graduate Publications:

Rosenthal ZP, Raut RV, Yan P, Koko D, Kraft AW, Czerniewski L, Acland B, Mitra A, Snyder LH, Bauer AQ, Snyder AZ, Culver JP, Raichle ME, Lee JM. 2020 Local Perturbations of Cortical Excitability Propagate Differentially Through Large-Scale Functional Networks. Cereb Cortex, 30(5):3352-69.

Mitra A, Kraft A, Wright P, Acland B, Snyder AZ, Rosenthal Z, Czerniewski L, Bauer A, Snyder L, Culver J, Lee JM, Raichle ME. 2018 Spontaneous Infra-slow Brain Activity Has Unique Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Laminar Structure. Neuron, 98(2):297-305.e6.

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