• University of Texas-Tyler (2013)

  • Computational and Systems Biology

  • Heather A. Lawson, Ph.D.

  • Epistatic networks associated with parent-of-origin effects on metabolic traits

  • juanfmacias@wustl.edu


My research seeks to understand how the parent from which we derive an allele alters the affect of that allele. Specificaly, we want to know what pathways bridge genoytpe and parent-of-origin (epigenotype) to metabolic phenotype. I incorporate genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors with expression data to identify networks/pathways contributing to metabolic variation.


Graduate Publications:

Miranda MA, Macias-Velasco JF, Lawson HA. 2021 Pancreatic β-cell heterogeneity in health and diabetes: classes, sources, and subtypes. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 320(4):E716-E731.

Miranda MA, Carson C, St Pierre CL, Macias-Velasco JF, Hughes JW, Kunzmann M, Schmidt H, Wayhart JP, Lawson HA. 2020 Spontaneous restoration of functional β-cell mass in obese SM/J mice. Physiol Rep, 8(20):e14573.

Carson C, Macias-Velasco JF, Gunawardana S, Miranda MA, Oyama S, St Pierre CL, Schmidt H, Wayhart JP, Lawson HA. 2020 Brown Adipose Expansion and Remission of Glycemic Dysfunction in Obese SM/J Mice. Cell Rep, 33(1):108237.

Miranda MA, St Pierre CL, Macias-Velasco JF, Nguyen HA, Schmidt H, Agnello LT, Wayhart JP, Lawson HA. 2019 Dietary iron interacts with genetic background to influence glucose homeostasis. Nutr Metab (Lond), 16():13.

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