Graduate Publications:

Cammack AJ, Moudgil A, Chen J, Vasek MJ, Shabsovich M, McCullough K, Yen A, Lagunas T, Maloney SE, He J, Chen X, Hooda M, Wilkinson MN, Miller TM, Mitra RD, Dougherty JD. 2020 A viral toolkit for recording transcription factor-DNA interactions in live mouse tissues. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, (Epub ahead of print): pii: 201918241.

Moudgil A, Wilkinson MN, Chen X, He J, Cammack AJ, Vasek MJ, Lagunas T Jr, Qi Z, Lalli MA, Guo C, Morris SA, Dougherty JD, Mitra RD. 2020 Self-Reporting Transposons Enable Simultaneous Readout of Gene Expression and Transcription Factor Binding in Single Cells. Cell, 182(4):992-1008.e21.

Mulvey B, Lagunas T Jr, Dougherty JD. 2020 Massively Parallel Reporter Assays: Defining Functional Psychiatric Genetic Variants Across Biological Contexts. Biol Psychiatry, ():Online ahead of print.

Ouwenga R, Lake AM, Aryal S, Lagunas T Jr, Dougherty JD. 2019 The Differences in Local Translatome across Distinct Neuron Types Is Mediated by Both Baseline Cellular Differences and Post-transcriptional Mechanisms. eNeuro, 5(6):pii: ENEURO.0320-18.2018.

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