• Rice University (2017)

  • Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology

  • Gregory R. Bowman, Ph.D.

  • Protein dynamics and their role in protein function and chemistry

  • matthewcruz@wustl.edu


Utilizing biochemical and biophysical approaches, I am interested in developing novel peptide-based inhibitors targeting the TEM-1 and other beta-lactamases. Additionally, I work on understanding allosteric communication as it occurs in the context of bacterial and viral enzymes. Allostery and other forms of protein dynamics are exploitable from a biomedical perspective while also elucidating fundamental biochemical and biophysical properties underlying the protein structure-function relationship.

Graduate Publications:

Cruz MA, Frederick TE, Mallimadugula UL, Singh S, Vithani N, Zimmerman MI, Porter JR, Moeder KE, Amarasinghe GK, Bowman GR. 2022 A cryptic pocket in Ebola VP35 allosterically controls RNA binding. Nat Commun, 13(1):2269.

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