• University of California-Santa Cruz (2014)

  • Computational and Systems Biology

  • Charles Kaufman, MD, Ph.D.

  • Identification and characterization of functional non-coding somatic variants in melanoma

  • paulamgodoy@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Cunningham RL, Kramer ET, DeGeorgia SK, Godoy PM, Zarov AP, Seneviratne S, Grigura V, Kaufman CK. 2021 Functional in vivo characterization of sox10 enhancers in neural crest and melanoma development. Commun Biol, 4(1):695.

Jang HS, Shah NM, Du AY, Dailey ZZ, Pehrsson EC, Godoy PM, Zhang D, Li D, Xing X, Kim S, O'Donnell D, Gordon JI, Wang T. 2019 Transposable elements drive widespread expression of oncogenes in human cancers. Nat Genet, 51(4):611-17.

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