• Truman State University (2016)

  • Plant and Microbial Biosciences

  • Elizabeth S. Haswell, Ph.D.

  • Modeling the Molecular and Cellular Components of Pollen Grain Biomechanics

  • kari.miller@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Harkess A, McLoughlin F, Bilkey N, Elliott K, Emenecker R, Mattoon E, Miller K, Czymmek K, Vierstra R, Meyers BC, Michael TP. 2021 Improved Spirodela polyrhiza genome and proteomic analyses reveal a conserved chromosomal structure with high abundance of chloroplastic proteins favoring energy production. J Exp Bot, 72(7):2491-500.

Codjoe JM, Miller K, Haswell ES. 2021 Plant cell mechanobiology: greater than the sum of its parts. Plant Cell, ():koab230.

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