Graduate Publications:

Yuede CM, Wallace CE, Davis TA, Gardiner WD, Hettinger JC, Edwards HM, Hendrix RD, Doherty BM, Yuede KM, Burstein ES, Cirrito JR. 2021 Pimavanserin, a 5HT 2A receptor inverse agonist, rapidly suppresses Aβ production and related pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. J Neurochem, 156(5):658-73.

Yuede CM, Timson BF, Hettinger JC, Yuede KM, Edwards HM, Lawson JE, Zimmerman SD, Cirrito JR. 2018 Interactions between stress and physical activity on Alzheimer's disease pathology. Neurobiol Stress, 8():158-71.

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