Anthony Wang (MSTP in PhD training)

  • Warren, NJ

  • Rice University (2018)

  • Immunology

  • Gavin P. Dunn, M.D., Ph.D.

  • High throughput screen for neoantigen reactivity in primary and recurrent human glioblastoma



This past summer I worked in the lab of Dr. Gavin Dunn in the Department of Neurosurgery. The Dunn lab studies glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) which is the most aggressive glioma and is generally associated with poor prognosis. Though various immunotherapy options have produced mixed results in clinical trials, a new focus on targeting neoantigens may provide a promising immunotherapeutic avenue. My main project involved screening for neoantigen reactivity to characterize the neoantigen landscape of human GBM samples. With these results, we aim to understand the role of neoantigen recognition and response in the development of GBM.

Graduate Publications:

Schaettler MO, Richters MM, Wang AZ, Skidmore ZL, Fisk B, Miller KE, Vickery TL, Kim AH, Chicoine MR, Osbun JW, Leuthardt EC, Dowling JL, Zipfel GJ, Dacey RG, Lu HC, Johanns TM, Griffith OL, Mardis ER, Griffith M, Dunn G. 2022 Characterization of the Genomic and Immunologic Diversity of Malignant Brain Tumors through Multisector Analysis. Cancer Discov, 12(1):154-71.

Wang AZ, Bowman-Kirigin JA, Desai R, Kang LI, Patel PR, Patel B, Khan SM, Bender D, Marlin MC, Liu J, Osbun JW, Leuthardt EC, Chicoine MR, Dacey RG Jr, Zipfel GJ, Kim AH, DeNardo DG, Petti AA, Dunn GP. 2022 Single-cell profiling of human dura and meningioma reveals cellular meningeal landscape and insights into meningioma immune response. Genome Med, 14(1):49.

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