​Student Travel Benefit - Tips and Requirements

The Division provides up to $600 toward travel expenses for all students during their graduate training (research meeting, conference or career development).  Students may request use of the Division travel funds after the thesis proposal has been approved by the Thesis Advisory Committee.  In order to use DBBS travel funds, a fully signed Travel Funds Form must be submitted.  When possible, this form should be completed prior to booking your trip.​

PLEASE NOTE:  If total expenses of the trip exceed $600 (and the thesis mentor will be providing the additional funds), the student should turn all receipts in to his/her thesis department.  That department will contact the Financial Analyst (Sarah Kalkbrenner, kalkbrenners@wustl.edu) for the $600.  If the total expenses are less than $600, all receipts should be turned in to the student program coordinator and a travel advance form​ or travel expense statement completed.

For any travel questions, please contact your program coordinator or Sarah kalkbrenner, kalkbrenners@wustl.edu.​

General Travel Tips

  • A completed travel expense statement and all backup documentation should be submitted within 10 days of trip completion.
  • All travel expenses from any one trip should be processed on a single travel report.  If the cost of these expenses is to be shared by different departments, all departments should coordinate the processing of one single report.
  • If another department prepays any portion of the trip by issuing a travel advance, check request or by using Procard, that department will need to process the final travel report even if all costs are covered by DBBS.  DBBS will provide them direct access to our funds.
  • DBBS will reimburse the cost of the individual student expenses only.
  • It is best practice to pay for all expenses individually and obtain a detailed receipt showing just your portion of the expense. For example, if a meal is shared, your portion should be paid separately.  If a hotel is shared, we will need a receipt showing payment for just your portion of the hotel cost.
  • DBBS will provide travel advance funding for prepaid costs only.  Backup for each expense is needed to process a travel advance.
  • Electronic signature is allowable on the travel expense statement form as long as the audit log page is included.
  • Backup is required for all expenses listed on the travel expense statement. If backup is missing, an explanation is needed and in some cases a bank statement will need to be submitted.

Transportation Tips

  • Airfare should be booked as soon as possible and at least 3 weeks prior to travel if you aren't able to book sooner.
  • When booking airfare, always select coach or “wanna get away”.  If any other seat class is booked, you will need to provide a sample airfare showing the lowest cost airfare available at the time of booking. Or if coach or “wanna get away” is unavailable, you will need to provide backup showing that these rates are not available at the time of booking.
  • If airfare is booked for additional personal time in a particular city, you will be required to submit sample airfare showing the lowest possible airfare cost for the dates of the business travel only.
  • Early check in fees and travel insurance are not reimbursable.
  • If you choose to drive or book a rental car as your transportation, you will be required to submit sample airfare showing the lowest possible airfare cost for the dates of the business travel only.  This sample price needs to be retrieved at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the trip. DBBS will reimburse the lower cost.
  • If you drive a personal vehicle, DBBS will reimburse mileage at the current IRS mileage rate.  Individual gas receipts are not reimbursed. A map showing each destination and the mileage will be needed as backup.
  • If a rental car is used for transportation, DBBS will reimburse the cost of the rental car along with gas.  Backup for all transportation costs is required.​

Meal/Beverage Tips

  • DBBS does not reimburse meals based on per diem.  An itemized receipt is needed as backup for each meal.
  • No alcohol will be reimbursed.
  • If both a registration fee and meals are included on your travel report you will need to also provide the conference/meeting agenda.

International Tips

  • To help endure safety and well-being when traveling internationally, a policy and system for registering international travel has been implemented.  Registration for university-related international travel will be required for all students traveling outside the United States for university purposes. To ensure compliance, timely reimbursement of travel expenses will be contingent on creating a one-time profile and registering the details of each trip in the university’s travel registry system. More information about international travel, policies, and procedures can be found at http://global.wustl.edu/resources/. You can access the travel registry at mytrips.wustl.edu.
  • Students will need to use the website oanda.com to obtain the correct exchange rate for each purchase made.
  • When booking international airfare always use a United States Flag Carrier.
  • DBBS will reimburse foreign currency transaction fees with appropriate backup.​

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