Graduate Student Coordinator Melanie Relich
Faculty Director:  G​wen Randolph, Ph.D.​

GRE is not required for this program

Immunology is the discipline of biology that examines the mechanisms of host defense against pathogenic agents. The study of the immune system offers a unique opportunity to analyze a complex multicomponent system consisting of molecules and cells that have documented physiologic relevance. Immunology has a strong foundation in biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology.

Washington University School of Medicine has a large community of investigators who make immunology their primary focus. The research within our program spans a broad spectrum, ranging from studies at the basic structural and molecular levels of host defense all the way to clinical applications directed at significant health problems, such as cancer immunotherapy. The Program in Immunology has grown to include more than 50 research laboratories and the number continues to increase. This unusual concentration of immunologists was the stimulus that led to the formation of a separate Graduate Program in Immunology in 1986.

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