Peter C. Hoch, Ph.D.

Missouri Botanical Garden
Adjunct Professor

Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program

  • 314-577-5175

  • 314-577-0820

  • Missouri Botanical Garden, P.O. Box 299, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299



  • evolution, systematics, biogeography, pollination, phylogenetics

  • Phylogenetics of Onagraceae, especially Epilobium; biogeography, floristics, pollination biology

Research Abstract:

My primary research interest is plant evolution, especially the areas of systematics, phylogenetics, and biogeography. The family Onagraceae is a particularly good model for the study of plant evolution because we have accumulated such a wealth of data about its biology. I am currently pursuing collaborative phylogenetic research on Epilobium and Ludwigia, two of the largest genera in the family, the former recently radiated into cool-temperate and montane regions worldwide, the latter an ancient, fragmented group with diverse subtropical distribution. Using data from sequence analyses (various chloroplast and nuclear), morphology, and distribution, we aim to clarify relationships within these groups, and ultimately to understand the biogeographical basis for their remarkable but divergent radiations, the mechanisms underlying their dramatic cytogenetic/genomic evolution, and their co-evolutionary relationships with the insect groups that pollinate them. I am also preparing a revision of North American species of Epilobium, preparing floristic accounts of Onagraceae for various projects, and coordinating efforts to complete a flora of Pakistan and a comprehensive checklist of the plants of India. I teach a course on local plants, and have a long-term project on plant phenology at Shaw Nature Reserve.

Selected Publications:

Wagner WL, Hoch PC, Raven PH. A revised classification of the Onagraceae. Syst Bot Monogr 2007 83:1-222.

Peng CI, Schmidt CL, Hoch PC, Raven PH. Systematics and evolution of Ludwigia sect. Dantia (Onagraceae). Ann Mo Bot Gard 2005 92:307-359.

Clinebell RR, Crowe A, Gregory DP, Hoch PC. Pollination ecology of Gaura and Calylophus (Onagraceae, tribe Onagreae) in western Texas, USA. Ann Mo Bot Gard 2004 91:369-400.

Katinas L, Crisci JV, Wagner WL, Hoch PC. The geographic dimension of the evolution of tribes Gongylocarpeae, Epilobieae, and Onagreae (Onagraceae) in North America. Ann Mo Bot Gard 2004 91:159-185.

Levin RA, Wagner WL, Hoch PC, et al. Paraphyly in tribe Onagreae: insights into phylogenetic relationships of Onagraceae based on nuclear and chloroplast sequence data. Syst Bot 2004 29:147-164.

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